Updating Nero may solve some media compatibility problems

I have had reports of some endusers who have solved some (apparent) media compatibility problems by simply upgrading their Nero software to the latest version or by switching to other software to burn their DVDs.

Case 1: Sentinel DVD’s 1X DVD-R
An enduser had bought a few boxes of Sentinel DVD-R 1X media. After burning a couple of boxes succesfully, suddenly, after opening a new box, the media wouldn’t write. After checking the MID code, it appeared that the first few boxes had MID code: “DDDDVDR”, which worked fine. The other boxes, with MID code: “OPTODISCK001”, produced write errors or would go wrong during writing of the lead-in.

Updating the software from Nero to, and the problem appears to be solved.

Case 2: Princo DVD-R 1X
After switching from Nero to cloneCD, an enduser appeared to have solved an issue with media with MID code: PRINCO (DVD-R 1X).

The lesson to be learned is that besides the drive/firmware and the media, the software may also be the cause of writing problems.

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