Updating graphics bios


Guys having problems trying to upgrade my graphics Bios- i can do my Motherboard with no problems and firmware upgrading with mtkflash for my cdrw with no problems.
There is a new release for nvidia geforce cards on the bios at the above which according to there read up supports my card = gf3 Ti200.
i have d/loaded and gave it three goes to no avail.
What am i doing wrong - it gives you the nvflash .exe and another called Cwsdpmi.exe:confused: - i have done my boot disk into dos and typed in the following using my second floppy with the nvflash on.
NVFLASH -F[Cwsdpmi] this may be wrong because i thought it should be a Bin file.
Ok i have no problems with my current settings but like most of us i,ve got to find out if i can get more out of my card.


It’s been quite a while since I’ve done this, after www.x-bios.3dgames.ru went under. But yes, you need the bin filename in place of the cwsdpmi. This file is for flashing in protected DOS mode and is not a BIOS file.