Updating FW via Windows when 107D writer is external

HI guys, When u have the Pioneer is an external Drive in the USB 2.0 Connection it upgrade the Firmware without any problem. It is only works when u r using XP operating system. I tried with Win2000 DVRFlash dosnt recognize the External drives.

Pull the 107D out of the external, hook it up to the IDE port in your PC. Start the PC and let it recognize the 107D. Run the flash update.

The 107D is now updated.

That’s what I have to do for my Mac based and external FW Pioneer drives.

DVRFlash can flash external drives on Windows 2000 or Windows XP. So can the official Pioneer flasher.

I’ve had zero problems doing firmware and even eeprom mods on my 411, 811 and jlms 165 in my usb2 case both in xp and 2k. check ur case compatibility.