Updating Firmware for Samsung WritemasterTS-H552U

Has anyone tried to update the firmware for the above drive. The Firmware that is available on the Samsung website is: TS10-US06 for the TSH552B and 552U drives. The current version of firmware we have is US04. I have been trying to play a game called Myst Revelation and I have been asked to update the firmware for the drive. The drive is new. I did a firmware update on a Sony DDU 1621 drive and it did not work that was back in Feb of this year.

i dont have the drive but i can say that firmware flashing is very safe as long as done properly and with the right firmware ,always make sure there is no media in the drive before flashing and read the instructions on the manufacturer site,anyway i find it redicules no way firmware flashing is necessary for just playin a game you probably got it misunderstood

Thanks for your reply. I went into Safe Mode and installed the Myst Revelation game. The install went well, and the game is playable at last. The person in the Myst Rev forum did suggest a firmware upgrade as I said before, but that is not needed now which is great.

Flash to the latest firmware as often as possible. The risk of getting an inworking drive is very small. Manufacturers have reasons when they released updated firmware versions.