Updating firmware for oe drives



I have an eMachine T5010. The original hitachi-LG gsa-4163B wouldn’t write dual layer dvd’s, it wrote single layers & cd’s great. If I tried to write a dual layer it just said check for bad media (I was using Verbatim) so I assume the media was good. The firmware version for this burner is a100. There are numerous firmware & i driver update available for this burner. eMachines sent me a replacement burner samsung TS-H552D it shows firmware GA-o1. I am assuming this is a proprietary firmware. My question is which is the better burner & could the dual layer problem be fixed by driver or firmware updates?


I forgot to mention I was using clone dvd 2 as a burning software on the gsa-4163b. I have also now installed the samsung drive & burned 2 dvd’s 1 using clone dvd 2 & one using DVD shrink 3.2 with nexxtech dvd-r & both burns produced a bad spot which froze the picture about the same distance into the movie (different movies). Could this be the new burner or more likely the cheap dvd-r. DVD identifier says UME01 for the Nexxtech.