Updating firmware (4120B) will burn at slower speed?

hello guys, i’ve posted this on another forum but i was supposed to post here, sorry!
my burner is a LG GSA-4120B, with firmware “A102”.
i’ve bought some RITEKG05 8X DVD-R, but when im going to burn the ONLY available speed is 4X, and i really want to burn at 2X! (i’ve tried different softwares)
so my question is, if i update my firmware to a newer version, will i be able to burn these dvd-r’s at 2X???

thanks very much in advance!!!

Slower speeds are not often supported with the latest media products. Try 2x DVD-R from Taiyo Yuden if you want to burn at 2x.

thanks for the reply Kenshin!
i cant find “Taiyo Yuden” here where i live :sad: and RITEKG04 just vanished…
i think i will have to burn at 4x :sad:

but do you know if i use dvd decrypter and select 2X speed, it will burn at 2x or will go at 4x?

i can’t test now because i dont have more dvd’s, so im deciding wich one to buy…
i made a burn with these RITEKG05 but it didn’t worked fine for me at 4X…

thanks again!

The write speeds are decided by chipsets and firmware. Burning software doesn’t change it, but can just support what the firmware allows.

I can buy TYG01, Taiyo Yuden’s 4x DVD-R media, in Seoul. Most of them are actually sold under other brand names: Fujifilm, Fusion, V-star, That’s, etc. (That’s is Taiyo Yuden’s own brand name.)

Hi Kenshin

Sorry for the off topic post but are you sure that “That’s” DVD Media is Taiyo Yuden?
I have just found a 50 spindle of That’s Write 8X DVD-R for £11.00 (£0.22 each) which is cheaper than my usual 25 spindle of Verbatim 8X DVD-R for £9.78 (£0.39 each). I’ve just re-checked and the price of Verbatim has dropped to £7.88 for a 25 pack (£0.32) now but if the That’s are genuine TY I’ll buy them instead.

Please let me know. TIA :slight_smile:

I said That’s. That “That’s Write” was probably taken just after the name That’s.

Oh, Yet another cheap clone to confuse consumers!