Updating External Pioneer 111D with FW 8.25

I have a Pioneer 111D in an external USB 2 case and am trying to update the firmware with V 8.25 which gives the drive bitsetting capabilities. Each time I launch the file it tells me the target is not found. A few years ago I did this with a Pioneer 109 and it worked perfectly. That drive died on me and I am replacing it withe the 111D. I seem to be either doing something wrong or missing a step here. Can anyone advise me as to the proper steps. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :confused:

You might just need to flash to the 8.19 EXT version first.

yes, like TimC said, 8.19 ext for 111d and then 8.25 for 111d
Or if u need extra features, 8.19ext for 111L and then 8.26ext for 111L
You may want to use MCSE for 8.25 or 8.26 before flashing.

Thanks for the replies, folks. What, however, is MCSE? Forgive me, but I am a senior whi is not too versed with these abbreviations.

MCSE (Media Code Speed Edit) is an app that can be used to remove the riplock (read speed restriction) from some firmwares.
If you don’t want to rip DVDs then don’t bother, didn’t seem to do much for my 111 anyway.

Thanks, TimC. I will not be using the drive for ripping as the computer has a DVD-ROM drive which performs quite satisfactorily. I am going to try the update with the FW8.19 today. I tried to use DVR Flash but apparently it does not work with the 111D.

DVR Flash doesn’t work with the 111D drive. Fidel has already mentioned you’ll have to use tdb 111D external 8.19 firmware, then 111D 8.25 or tdb 111L 8.26 external firmware.

Thanks for all your help, guys. I used TDB’s files to upgrade the drive to V8.25 successfully. You all helped this senior citizen.