Updating DeUHD


How many people uninstalll the old version of DeUHD, before installing the new version. ?


I’ve just been installing on top of the old version. Yes, it clutters up the Apps & Programs window in Windows with the old installs, but I haven’t had any problems either.


If you install on top of the previous install it makes life more simple but, as noted by Balthazar2k4, you wind up with a listing of every version installed in Programs & Features which is an annoyance. So, uninstalling the old version first is the cleaner way. That said, if I uninstall the old version and install the new version without rebooting in between all my ODDs vanish. Which means more work to resolve. So, I have to uninstall the old version, reboot, install the new version.

Wish Arusoft could get their update routine to work more like RedFox with AnyDVD where it works very nicely installing the new version right on top of the old.


Thank you for your help, I was unaware that the old installations were still in the Add/Remove Programs until I looked the other day, I assumed they were gone with every new installation. You guys are great, thanks a bunch for the help.


Glad to help. :+1:


Are the per disc decryption key caches preserved when updating over an existing version? In another topic someone mentioned once cached they don’t require re-downloading for subsequent rips of the same title, however are these kept in a separate directory when updating or no?


They’re kept in your local app data directory, not the program directory, so yes they are cached between updates (or uninstall reinstall). That doesn’t mean the cache is always useable. In some of the older updates it seemed like all titles had to be refreshed. Hopefully any format changes like that that would cause the entire cache to be invalid have stabilized by now though.