Updating 1655 firmware

I downloaded BCDB for my 1655 and saved it in “My Documents”

What is the procedure for getting it into my 1655 burner?

Is there a chance I could accidently put it into my 1620?
I would not want to do that. Should I go to Device Manager and
disable the 1620 while I perform this function?

With the BCAB fw my scans are consistant at 97 and 98 and
the lightscribe works great. Do I really want to update the firmware?

I am stepping outside my area of expertise here and fear screwing
something up.

I have sure learned a lot just reading your posts, and I appreciate your help.

just run the firmware and it will ask you which dvd writer you want to flash. even if you choose the 1620 it won’t let you flash it because it is not the right one for it.

just make sure there are no CDs in the drives when flashing it. don’t worry you wont mess it up…

Well with much apprehension, and with some moral support from roberts, I flashed my 1655 to BCDB. I was remembering about a month ago sombody said they updated their firmware and their drive quit working and I feared mine would do the same.

I spent about two hours testing and everything works fine, except now the drive will not play movies with Nero Showtime.

When I put a DVD with a movie on it in the drive a window opens and asks if I want to play the movie with Win Media Player, or Intervideo WinDVD5, or Nero Showtime. When I select the other two, the drive plays the movie fine but when I select Nero Showtime, the drive just sits there with the green light on and when I open the Nero menu and click on play, a window opens and says “the drive is not ready”.

My 1620 still works fine with Nero and the 1655 worked with it before I switched the firmware. It acts like there is a driver missing for the drive to talk to the Nero software.

I wonder if anybody else had this problem when they updated their firmware.

I wonder if I should re-flash the BCDB firmware.

Hope you can help me.

Have you upgraded to the newest nero showtime?

There is no need to do this. This problem looks like a nero showtime bug.

Hey Thanks for helping everybody.

ala42, I was agreeing with you. I thought for some reason Nero showtime did not see my 1655 or could not talk to it.

When I put the video in the 1620 and select “do you want to play the video using Nero showtime” the green led on the 1620 flutters for about 7 seconds and the video plays, but when I do the same thing with the video in the 1655, the green led just stays solid green and the showtime screen comes up but nothing happens.

But the 1655 plays videos using the other video playing applications. So the drive is working fine, hmmmm.

So I went to the Nero home page and looked at updates, and you will be glad to know that Nero has a new version for Nero 7 ultra, just released today, Feb 6th. Is that the one you were talking about BK24? The old one was, and the new one is, and I updated to the new one and nothing changed.

The 1655 was playing video, using showtime, when it was BCAB, and quit when I flashed the firmware to BCDB, so I went into SAFE mode and reflashed the firmware, but that did not fix anything.

I hope sombody has an idea to help fix this.

Thank you for your help so far, Please, don’t give up helping.