Updates for life?

I have question on the updates for future releases of DVD2One. I know with AnyDVD if you purchase that program you get free updates for life. I was wondering if DVD2One does the same thing. The web page seems to contradict itself a little bit and I wanted to know from current users.

  1. The webpage says on the download link “If you registered V1.0.0, you need a new code for this release. Fill in your email address in the box and press Send Code.
    If you registered V1.0.1 or higher, or already requested a new code on this page earlier, you do not need a new code.” This leads me to believe that they allowed free version updates to people who had the release version lower than 1.0.

  2. The webpage then says "The registration code you receive will work with all future V1.x versions free of charge. " This of course means what it says, it will allow updates to the software free of charge. I wondering about the release of versions higher than version 1.x. Will those be free of charge as well?

The reason I am asking here and not directly to the author of the website is because he asks on his website to not send him a note if you don’t have too. I am trying to honor that request and I was hoping someone here had some insider knowledge into this. I don’t want to buy the software and then have to shell out money again in no time because they put out v2.x.


They changed the registration scheme between versions 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 to try and block stolen serial numbers from being used with the program.

That is why people needed a newer serial number, the old codes would not work in the newer version.

If they go on up to a v2.0, I would imagine there would be some type of upgrade fee, however, they don’t seem to want to do much more improvement. After all, DVD2one works pretty well right now for what it was designed to do. Maybe some small releases for any bug fixes that pop up.

Yep … version 1.30 is the latest and I have received 12 versions since it began, so have no fear. As mentioned above, it was to combat the illegal serials.