Updates for DVD Region+CSS Free



What happened to them?
There hasn’t been an update since October.
Are they letting the program die a stale death?


I’m guessing so. Almost 6 months without a single update would lead to a fair assumption.


Hello tbg2001
From what I have heard the Author was told that in order for them to stay in business they have to make changes if they wanted to keep selling their products, and I also have heard from Fengtao (the Author) that they are working on the issue but will take time.



Is there anything else out there LIKE this product? Since they don’t want to update their product, I’ll have to find another one that won’t leave their customers hanging.


It seems that since I already spent my $50 on their product I am not that important anmyore. :doh:




A company in China is threatened … by whom?


Hi Tru
If I remember right Fengtao said something about the Big Company’s :doh: that was all he said, really did not go into detail on the matter


DVDFAB Platium is an excellant program and it is updated very often, you can try a full working copy free for 30 days


China, have you not watched any news lately. China has made Google and Yahoo censor their search engines. Sony has used big $$$ to get them to make it hard on DVD related products, mostly exporting bootleg copies, so just a guess fengtao has to prove his company is not a front for those bootlegged copies. Also taking a trip to fix a problem with payer company in China is not as easy as it is in most countries.

Element 5 is not in China. They have to watch what they sell through their payer system. I remember DVDFab had to sell a nonCSS versions of Platinum and Gold to release the Keys, then come here to this forum to download the the real versions from special links.

Also competitors try to destroy fengto’s ability to sell his products, not all authors are friendly toward fengtao. I remember when we first moved over here, fengtao and James made an agreement not to push each others products in the others section. Sometimes we still get a person from another products section refuse to respect that agreement there is even a post in this thread that breaks that agreement.

I am sure there are several people here now who remember the DVDIdle forum that was eventually brought down by paid hackers. Fengtao did not have time or expertize to keep putting the forum and close the security holes while keeping product updated, so he asked CDFreaks to let us use this section. We sincerely appreciate the kindness of all at CDFreaks who made this possible since they have people who have the knowledge and expertise to keep the forum up and secure.

I own every products fengtao produces. A good work around Region & CSS Free is [B]DVDFab Decrypter[/B] to rip to HD then do what you want to with it. Also [B]Free DVD[/B], I think works similar to Region & CSS Free. Both are free courtesy of fengtao and can be found under Free Stuff on DVDIdle.com. I am sure as soon as it is possible Region & CSS Free products and dvdidle products will be available because all contain the same decrypting engine as Platinum, Gold, and DVDFab Decrypter so when he gets the go ahead fengtao already has the code and will just have to replace that code in those products.



There is another product similar (on the fly driver) to DVD Region Free that is continuously updated. Its developers do not seem to have the issues that the DVDRF’s developers have.

Because of this forum’s rules I cannot tell you which one this is but it is also supported by Club CD Freaks.

Look in the “Copy DVD Movie” section.


Well they go after authors one at a time usually. Did you know several sites have taken down the links to the old DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. After Dawn had a statement that they no longer host either link and had to make a deal to allow them time to remove all the links in the download section and those in private posts. Sony and other movie companies are offering countries financial insentives to put pressure on the companies to close.



yes, I guess they have always wanted to go after this one too.
One goes down today, another might come up tomorrow.


would not be surprised if in the near future that everyone will have a hard time finding downloads for most of the good FREE software, so get the downloads while you still can and save them on a disc like I did :bigsmile:


I understand that there may be many reasons for the lack of an update to DVD Region+CSS Free and hope there is an update soon.

If there isn’t it would be good to offer a free cross-grade to the newer products. I see there are some discounts on buying DVDFab until the end of the month, but don’t see why I should have to pay to buy a new program when DVD Region+ CSS Free was originally offered with “FREE lifetime upgrades,” at least it was when I paid for it.

I notice that this is now removed from the features list, something I don’t understand if there is any intention to upgrade the program in the future.


Have you emailed or PMed Fengtao about the possibility of a special upgrade? I would do both and in a rational manner to keep dialog going. Those threats etc get pushed aside when a person is busy. I am sure Fengtao wants DVD Region+CSS Free to stay alive since it is built in his other products and his original product line.



Thanks for the suggestion bigmacnc, that’s a good suggestion for me, but I think there are many others out there that also purchased the program under those circumstances and it would be nice to have a policy that applied to everyone equally, not just on a one-on-one basis. I honestly don’t understand the need to [I]keep the dialog going[/I] by not asking the hard questions. Either the commitment to “free lifetime upgrades” was genuine or it was not. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for an answer to that question, before paying for another program with the same promise of future support.


Still no response to the issue from Fentao? It would be nice get an official position on this… please


I notice that the promise of “FREE lifetime upgrades” has reappeared on the DVD Region+CSS Free product info page… so maybe now we can hope for an update?


Have you tried to send them a direct email and address your concern?.