Updates available for ALL Piriform software Ccleaner/Defraggler/Speccy

Just found this yesterday, and finished updating all my systems.

the only “glitch” is that if you have Piriform’s “Speccy” (a neat application)
there is no “check for updates” button, so you simply download a new copy from
Piriform’s download page.

Remember you MUST close the applications while the Downloader/Installer is running.


I guess I need to update mine too.
I have some software similar to Speccy that has more results but I still have Speccy on board.
I use Ccleaner everyday & Defraggler about once a week.

I use speccy on all system setups.
as unlike some older apps it works within windows.

Identifies the MoBo and the Chipset used
and actually displays the SMART data on all attached hard drives.

I use Ccleaner every other day on all systems and Defraggler atleast once a week on every drive.

Defraggler does a very thorough job, but I find iOrbit’s "smart defragger"
to be one hell of a lot faster.

Defraggler sometimes “hangs” on 25gb XP-pro boot partitons
that are bloated to around 50% of capacity.
and the optimization feature of Smart Defrag seems effective.

BTW: If you use EAC for audio extraction there’s a new version of that available too.

V1.0 Beta1 was released in late November.


have ccleaner set to run on boot

prefer auslogics disk defrag and ultradefrag for boot defrag

recova has helped many times, infact just used it today

updated speccy, thanks