Updates and Autostart

I just purchased AnyDVD. How do I know what version I have and how do you know that it is the latest version?

Also, I have the AnyDVD showing up in the bottom tray so I am assuming it is active, but when I put in a DVD and a blank DVD to backup to I get the message the DVD is encrypted. I then have to double click on the icon on my desktop and it will work then. What is wrong? I have checked and the auto start is marked.

Thanks. Please help I am new at this program. I was using DVD43 and it has been uninstalled.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Auto start merely launches AnyDVD automatically on boot up.
The desktop icon will launch the program if not already running.
Once running, a fox will appear in the task bar. Resting the mouse curser on it will reveal version info. Right clicking it will bring up a menu. Make sure you have Enable AnyDVD (at the top) checked.
After inserting a disk in your drive, an information box, that gives you various info about the disk, can be accessed by right clicking the fox, or pop up automatically if you have this option checked in settings.
When this has transpired AnyDvd is doing what it’s supposed to do.
Within the menus, right clicking on checkbox selections,will bring up an explanation of what the function of the selection is.
Latest version info is available on Slysoft’s website, and there is also a box to check that will have AnyDVD check for you when you go on line. (should you desire it to) They have been pretty cool about emailing their customers as well when a new version comes out.