hi, I would like to know step by step, how hard it is to download and update your firmware.I just bought a new sony LAptop, it has a >DVD RW DW-D56A< and I think it has a(FW PFS1) in it. Is It OK or do I need new firmware?Is there a guide on how to install new Firmware,and if so were can I find it. I Thank You in Advance… Andy. :bow:

Welcome to the forum. There is newer firmware for your drive here:


Once you get the files, you just run them and make sure you identify the correct drive.

Also, make sure there is no disc in the drive and make sure you don’t lose power.
The procedure is pretty straight forward. Most problems are arise when a person has the wrong firmware for their drive. I am not sure if there are any benefits from a newer firmware with that drive; post in the Liteon forum and see if anyone has experience with both.

Are you saying that I have a liteon in my sony, and talk to the (liteon group)in the forums about the different firmware and there benifets.
Andy :bow:

Already posted in liteon forum, waiting for replie.
Andy, Thanks

That is correct. Your posting there should do the trick.