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Prutser i am still waiting for my jewelcase!


$#@@#*, please don’t kill your self, because you didn’t get a jewelcase…

Most people which (???) I trade with don’t send jewelcases…

But if you really want a jewel case, you can buy them in most of the cdstores. They only cost a guilder



I will give you mine giro number so you can send me a dollar!

So i can run to the shop and buy a jewel case.


Hahahaha… damn… this is sick… rudeboy… get alive man, a jewel case… damn… hahaha
this is a sick conversation

Conarq of TeRaX
-= Yeah, we rip’em=-


Yo RudeBoy
Don’t cry because you didn’t get a jewel case, go bag somewhere else!


I think you are sick to Rudeboy.


Do I have to say more ???




Hehehe… lol ??

Voor Al Uw Cd’s !



All this english people aren’t dutch i presume. Or are you some dutch people who aren’t centenneukers?

I don’t want to make problems but if you say on your site you send cd’s with jewelcases i presume to get jewel case

But now i consider this case closed

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You don’t want to make problems Rudeboy ???
??? For a jewelcase ???
man you are sick

Pleur toch op, ezel

GrtZ DJ Je@n


DJ Je@an weren’t you that guy that didn’t stopped flaming crowheads?

With the fingerprints on the cd’s and the no-name cd’s?

So don’t call me a ezel.

If you don’t understand case closed i take back all my complaints i made to prutser.




wannabe en dj jean jullie kunnen lekker jullie little pony’s van achter gaan nemen.


Niet iedereen is zoals jij…!

En nu niet verder doorzeuren, dit forum gaat niet over kleine pony’s van achter nemen of ezels


Sneu van dat doosje… Snif…