Updated software for ripping dvds



Hello all I am just wonders if there is any better way to rip a dvd then with dvd decrypter. Also, it would be nice it the software was free too.


There is this one . So far it is updated so it works on Newer movies.

The DVDFab free after trial version.
During the trial it updates & does new releases . After the trial the update of new releases is delayed about 60 days if you decide to just use the free version. Also it will only rip to DVD9 with the free version . So you need to compress for single layer discs with DVDShrink or some other compression software.


Also this particular dvd was made, shot, and produced by a friend so I am hoping it has no protection on it.
It’s a foreign dvd, so I would like to also rebuild the dvd for view in the US.


If this DVD has no protection on it there are several more softwares that should rip it with little or no problem.
There ia a software MediaInfo that you can check to see if it is PAL .
I take it you will want to convert to NTSC .
DVDFlick of AVStoDVD should be able to do that.