*Updated* Prototype 3-Layer DVD, HD-DVD disc developed

I just posted the article Updated Prototype 3-Layer DVD, HD-DVD disc developed.

 According to a report at CIO, Toshiba and Memory-Tech have developed a single sided,  three-layer optical disc, that can be read by both DVD and HD-DVD players.                The two...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12326-Updated-Prototype-3-Layer-DVD-HD-DVD-disc-developed.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12326-Updated-Prototype-3-Layer-DVD-HD-DVD-disc-developed.html)

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Prototype 3-Layer DVD, HD-DVD disc developed This is something new. With a dual layer movie you get a 2 second pause while it switches to the next layer (switches transition? layer)?. Will we still the pause with 3-Layer DVD etc.:S Greets Intercept:S
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This might be the push needed to have HD-DVD get up and running. Who knows? I am interested in seeing what crabbyappleton has to say on this plus a few other cdfreak gurus’:B

Crabby doesn’t care as his plasma can’t display high definition :smiley:

“…2 second pause…” Only on poorly designed players. With a little bit of buffering, it’s easy to get rid of that.

The article (the source) is full of “bologna”. “Each layer is capable of storing about two hours of standard and four hours of high-definition content”. Which is clearly misleading. Also it is not clear whether all the layers are placed on the same side. Just seems to be a poor Japanese translation… Crabby : Oppo rulez so we wont be getting a comment… :B

There has been an update to the article, in that BetaNews has posted some more information about these discs. One thing I was curious about, as the layers are all on one side, was whther or not firmware could be written to upgrade existing players to read these fancy discs. I am still not sure!

Absolutely. If the consumer could buy one version of the movie that would play in his DVD player now and later get the benefit of HD from the same disc, it would be a winner.

Forget DVD. Flash drive will take over. It’s expenive now but so was DVD when it came out. Samsung was showing a 32 gig flash drive notebook. Games will be packeged on flash drives.

People who know nothing of technology keep saying: “Everything will be on a chip” Not so! An optical disc wills always be able to hold more then a chip or magnetic based drive. So optics are really the future, we do not want to down grade storage size, who will want a 32GB flash drive over a 300GB hard drive or a 1TB hard drive? Basically, not many. I never have enough storage and most others don’t either, basically when it comes to audio and video. That is the future of computers, they have become a consumer electronic, so we need the storage for it, and Flash chip based memory just isn’t it, with the exception of portable stuff, I would love a 120 GB flash drive ipod! My music collection eats about 107GB now, and flash isn’t big enough, and I would love to put all of my DVDs on my computer and use a media player this way I can network my collection to the whole house. But storage needs to get bigger and cheaper for that to happen. Oh and another point. Optical media is always cheaper! No. 1 Point their! CHEAP!
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How much is a HD DVD Film going to cost when compared to the standard cost for a standard DVD film:( Greetz Intercept:S
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I would like a 8gig flash usb drive bootable. Reason Windows XP could be installed and the user can just unplug it things to hot up.:S Possibly these may not work, any user comments. I have seen a external 10gig drive:g