Updated nero express 3, errors occurring

Just downloaded updates for nero.
Nero express 3 goes through the processes nicely and has much better options, but when it reaches the burning stage an error comes up and says fail, and wastes a disc(dvd).
Anyone else have same probs???
As you have to wait 4 bloody hours and waste a disc to find out I can’t really try and error technique.
So I restored my pc to before the download and nero express 2 works again.
Gonna try film machine today and see waht it’s like in comparison.
Any thoughts guys. :bow:

Whew! I though I was the only one with this problem. Luckily or unluckily (as it may be) it doesn’t ruin the disc because it faults before the burn. I went back to the NERO update download page and dl’ed the latest version of NE3. I hope that fixes things. If not, I’ll wait five minutes, there’ll be another update…

Hi mate, yeah I restored to before the upgrade and is fine again, sometimes things are best left alone.

I downloaded the latest Nero updates and when burning a disk Nero stalled about 2/3 through the burn. Every time. I had to reinstall the previous version to burn a DVD sucessfully.

I’ve given up trying to have NVE3 do the burn. I do all the editing and menu making etc. and then i “burn to file”. I use other programs to do the burn. I got tired of all the stalling( my favorite is the five-seconds-left-on-the-burn stall )