Updated LTR-32123s to LTR-40125s have Questions

I succesfully updated my Lite-On 32123s to a 401225s with the VXSU1 firmware and it seems to be working great so far after about 15 burns.

then i did a scan disk with nero and had some small errors at the end, i dont think i should be to worried about those. let me know if i should be.

after that i did a cd qualitly test. note that before i upgraded the firmware these 32x cd’s were “0” errors

i realize thses are 32x cd’s but i was wondering if seeing the errors didnt start until after 40x i would in most cases be fine using thses. is that a correct assumption?

i have some 52x Memerex that i will try next. i will add that to the post later if anyones interested.

the reason i asked about the media question is that everyone is so glad the updated to a faster speed i havnt seen anyone post media results only speed results.

ok here is with MEmorex52 x cd-r


That’s not too bad. Remember that you are probably burning at the fastest possible speed for your drive and it may be straining at this speed. 32x will likely give better quality burns, but this is to be expected…

thanks for the reply i feel better now (;

i also tried the media i got with my system back in April.
I had 100 pack of KingPro cd-r’s and never had any trouble
with them but “lol” i checked about 20 of them and i had a average of about 2 million plus! errors on all of them.

so now i feel better about the media im using now

p.s. sorry if all the pics in the post slowed down anyone.
next time i will make more than 1 post in the thread