Updated firmware now wont read dvd's

hi all ,
new to the forum so hi to everone and my problem is i have a pioneer 106d i updated the firmware to 1.08 and now it will not read dvd’s any type , it might read music cd’s now and again but most of the time i try to put a dvd in i have to re-boot as i cannot do anything on my pc , is there a way of taking this firmware of and returnign to the older version.
all help much appreciated
many thanks

You can’t just take a firmware off of the drive, but you can re-flash an older version if you want. I wouldn’t expect this to help though. First, you should move the drive to another computer and see if you have the same problem there.

thanks for the reply will do that , if it works on another pc how do i get it to work on the one its in now.

Umm, formatting and reinstalling the OS would probably fix it, otherwise uninstalling certain drivers (like nVidia or VIA IDE drivers or Intel Application Accelerator) or removing the drive from Device Manager and restarting might help.

thanks for the replies , will try a few suggestions

hi all ,
now before i take out and try in another pc i uninstalled the programs that i was using for it and also uninstalled the drive , installed all again and now it will read and copy normal cd’s but it will not read dvd although it does show up as a dvdreader writer so is the drive in need of repair or should i save as much as i have on my pc and reformat?
thanks again