Updated firmware killed my lite-on ldw dvdrw 851s

:confused:hi all im new here,so updated to the newest firmware for my lite-on ldw dvdrw from lite-on site and now it wont finish any burn except for cds. It gets about half way done and the it tells me that i have another dvd burn in progress and needs to stop one of them, when i do it shuts all burns down with no error message and nothing is on the disk after that. it worked before but had problems reconizing some media that why i update the firmware please help with any info orry so long with the post:confused:

You might try flash with different firmware. My LiteOn SHM-165P6S wouldn’t reliably burn Playo +R media with latest MSOR firmware, but flash back to previous MSOP burns Playo +R with no problem.

thanks for the advice bevills ive thought about doing that the only thing is couldnt fine the oringal firmware before i updated it so now i have to wait till the site that has it fixes there server and my hd is almost full of videos and so slow now, again thanks to you & anyone else who will hwlp me

well i reflashed back to an earliar date back to 2003 now just to get nero completely of my system so i can install ver. 8 found out vista dvd software wont work with my drive any info would help alot