Updated dvdfab...how do I revert to original version

I just updated my dvdfab express that I purchased on 12/25/2005. It worked perfectly all this time until I updated yesterday. Now whenever I try to copy a movie my computer freezes up. It usually takes only about 40 minutes to copy a movie. After 2 hrs. I came in to see everything frozen. It does that at the very first. I am doing the same thing I always do which is copy entire movie. The settings are the same. I changed nothing! I have WinXP and am using the same dvds I have always used. I also always disconnect my internet and turn off my antivirus. I have done this from day one because I noticed some error problems when I try to use dvdfab express with my Yahoo virus protection going. Is there any way I can revert back to my original DVDFAB Express? I tried doing the restore on my computer but the FAB EXpress is still It doesn’t go back to the previous version. Please can someone help me!? I emailed support but have not heard back yet. My son is off to the Army tomorrow and I still have dvds to make for him before he leaves.

Try restart,also Express works best with just main movie setting. Hope this helps.

Tom, Maineman has most of the older versions. Also is it freezing during finalizing? If so it is trying to send a burn log to VSO who makes the burning engine for Fab and your firewall may be blocking that action. I use Panda Security and it will prompt me to allow or disallow. I usually let it send except when I check for someone, I’ll do a test and disallow. Some have a problem with sending info to VSO, but I have seen a database with 1.4 million burns revealing the success of certain burners and media. It does not send any personal info.


Hi expensivetokeep,

I love that name!
It’s very strange that after running system restore, you have not reverted to a previous version… :confused:…while you should not lose data, the program should have reverted to the designated restore date; I ran restore a few times last summer, when fab had several unstable versions and it worked like a charm.

Anyway, you’re going to have to do a new install for fab. Make certain that you have your registry key. If you didn’t save it or can’t locate it, open this link:


You should receive it within 1-2 minutes, it’s quick and automatic.

Uninstall fab, then do a clean, new install with whatever version you choose.
As Mack said, I have virtually every version back to 01/06/05. Your initial install was probably v. If you don’t have the specific version you want, just drop me a pm and include your email, and I’ll be glad to send it to you. One last item. The servers will probably not let an .exe file through, so I’ll change the file extension to .exx… In order to open and run, you’ll need to change it back to .exe
If you run in to problems, just holler.

Hope this helps,


Just thought of something else that I should have caught…long day at work and too little coffee, I guess? Your burner may be in PIO mode. I’ve seen this happen a few times with updates/upgrades…it would explain the poor/lack of progress. Check to see that you are in DMA or ultra DMA mode, definitely not PIO. Assuming your hard drives are IDE (EIDE), your burner should be on the secondary IDE controller…navigate via the device manager. Again, if you need help, just ask.

Does your burner work properly outside the fab application?
Is your firmware up to date?

Just an FYI…if you pm me for previous versions…I have only Platinum. You’ll need a platinum reg key; just express or just gold won’t work.