Updated dvd rebuilder guide?

The DVD-RB guides on the net I’ve found are outdated. Any guides for the most recent 0.93 version? Only reason I ask is because some of the stuff mentioned in the guides I don’t even see as options in the newer version.

There’s a compiled help file that comes with the 0.93 version when you install with the Rockas installer version. The screenshots in the CHM file are v0.85 but the interface has not changed since then and the functionality remains the same except bug-fixes. The CHM file includes all the changes up to v0.93 though. Incidently v1.0 RC4 is the latest release although you need to donate in order to acquire it.



Thanks, found it. Was wondering why it doesn’t mention just encoding the DVD from the data right off of the DVD? Why do I have to rip the whole thing to my HD first…and do you suggest defragmenting my drive after ripping the 8 GB? Thanks.

You’ve always had to rip with Decrypter first when using DVD Rebuilder (Unless you use something like AnyDVD which I think the majority of people don’t) when dealing with CSS encrypted DVDs.

Just to update my first ever use of DVD-RB…it may be superior software but I canceled the process halfway through after 2 hours. I recommend people to use this program if they wish to grow old with their computer while DVD-RB encodes one movie.

You can run it while you’re in bed or at work. One trick is to bring up Windows Task Manager after you start Rebuilder. Find the Rebuilder process and set it to run at Low priority. All further processes started by DVD-RB will be run this way and you can use your computer without it crawling along.