Updated a LTR-52246S and it DROPPED MY MAX CDR SPEED?!?!

I recently updated the firmware on my BusLink (lite on) LTR-52246S 52x CDR to R526S0C firmware, and now Nero will only write at 24x speed max. I lost the option to write at anything higher than 32x.
What in the hell happened?

anyone know how to fix this or to “downgrade” my firmware?


no, but i’m experiencing similar problems since updating the firmware.

alcohol/nero/cdrwin/blindwrite don’t burn correctly anymore … the only app that does work, is clonecd.

Apparently the new firmware examines the CDR MEDIA being used and DOES NOT BURN IT FASTER THAN THE MEDIA’S RATED SPEED. I’m using Sony CDR’s rated at 1x-40x.

I put in a previously burned CDR from TDK and InfoTool said: Read Speed 12x Write speed 52x. I have no clue why read is so low. Anyway, the Sony CDR said Read Speed 52x, Write speed 32x.

that kind of sucks, but I guess that’s what I get for buying cheap media.

lite-on probably updated smart-burn to lower the burning speed on the media u’re using. if u want, u can disable smart-burn and burn at the old max speed (altho smart-burn has already advised u not to do so).