Updated 110D firmware to 1.39

great site btw, after reading a few threads and posts i plunged into updating my 110D to the 1.39 firmware that supports RAM etc…not sure if i should have done this but i went to the dvd properties after rebooting and noticed the region was blank and only had 2 tries left compared to the 4 prior, i changed the region to 2 oops should i have left it blank? if so do these firmware that you force keep the amount of region changings alive?

p.s is this the best firmware i have read about the 8.37 i think that also supports bitsetting . what is that and is it worth changing? thnxs for any info

So you have an A10 now? You used the A10 FW?
And you can probably go through the same flash sequence and leave it blank!

Bitsetting is not necessary for most casual everyday burning! All new and most old DVD players will play +R media without a problem. I you have a need then there is a Buffalo flash for you in this forum!


yep i forced it using the dvrflash to version 1.39 which now supports RAM, it also shows as the 110 in nero info now which now supports all write features except Mount Rainier … or is there a better firmware to use on the 110D or as now the 110 lol

mine only reads upto x12 16mb/sec thought that firmware took out the riplock or is that nothing to do with it? sry just want to make sure i have the best firmware for this writer which was the 110D

updated to firmware 110_837_MAXRIP now all is good with the read speed it starts at 7mb/sec instead of the 2mb/sec as it use to , and region changes went back to 2 … thnxs for the firmwares

the maxrip 8,37 is RPC1, so you do not have to change the region, it is region free.

If you search the rpc1.org forum you can find 1.39 that is RPC1. IMO 8,37 ‘maxrip’ is very good. :stuck_out_tongue:

thnxs eric… that 8.37 maxrip firmware is awesome, thnxs to the people who created it.

had the 110 updated firmware to 8.37 maxrip and the differance that i have realy noticed is…

backing a disk to hd it started at 2mb/sec and took 7-10 secs to work its way to 7mb/sec… NOW it starts at 7mb/sec then fast as it can go woohoo

when burning the drive use to spin down during writing the leadin … not no more its continues now.

never supproted ram write… it now does.

the buffer use to keep dropping during burning process to 10% or below …with new firmware it still does drop to below 10% now n then but it also only drops to around 50% which is better…i`m paranoid i just hate seeing the buffer drop lol

everything just seems to be running alot smoother with the writer (touch wood) :stuck_out_tongue: … its greattttttttttttttttt

But why do you crosspost over different threads with the SAME question??

first post in other thread was confirming that others had the buffer issue also and was relieved it wasnt just me … then went and posted my own question about firmware etc… then the rest are replies to either threads.

and yes i read every post on the firmware but wanted to make sure because there was quite a few firmwares then all differant 110`s started to appeare

sry but i didn`t realise it was more annoying than someone posting about someone asking a question twice or reading threads :stuck_out_tongue:

Chef! You tried this yet?

Yes, works flawlessly here.

Is null’s 1.39 firmware also a “Maxrip”?

Why? There is no riplock anyway…

So the riplock was added as part of the orginal buffalo firmware? So Nullz’ version removed that limitation. And his vrsion of the 1.39 didn’t have to deal with a riplock, since none was present in the Pioneer firmware.

I know the A10 firmware normally has no riplock, but the 110(D) might (not sure).

The buffalo burner does not come in an A10 version that can use the QuiteDrive utility, so the drive has a riplock. Nullz removed it :slight_smile: You also get bitsetting if you need it for +R discs with buffalo firmware.