I changed the prices a little bit, these changes are final and will stay this way.

  • Prices for PC Games/Apps & PSX Games:
    1 - 9 Titles: FL 17,50 or $8,75 (per title).
    10 Titles or more: FL 15 or $7,50 (per title).

  • Prices for VideoCDs:
    1 - 5 Titles: FL 25,- (per title).
    6 - 9 Titles: FL 22,50 (per title).
    10 Titles or more: FL 20,- (per title).

Newest Titles (check http://www.cdholland.nl for more titles!):

-PC Games:
Stephen Kings F13
Avery Cardozas Video Poker 2000
Final Fantasy 8 (5cd) (FL 45,- or $22,50)
1602 AD
Football World Manager 2000
Mahjong Madness
Demise: Rise of the Ku'Tan
Puzzle Bobble 4.X
Rising Sun
Cyber Chess
The Sims

-PC Apps:
Dassault Systems Catia 5.3 (2cd)
SPSS v10.0.1
Matra Datavision Euclid Quantum 2.0D
Quicken Business Lawyer 2000 Deluxe
Microwave Office 2000 3.11
ERSI MapObjects Professional 2.0
Photodisc Signature Series 21 Time and Technology

-PSX Games:
Silhouette Mirage USA
Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere PAL
Tomba 2: Evil Swine Returns USA
Tales Of Destiny USA
Marvel VS Capcom USA
Road Rash JailBreak USA
Railroad Tycoon 2 USA
NBA In The Zone 2000 USA
Eagle One Harrier Attack USA

James Bond: The World Is Not Enough
Down To You
Jakob The Liar
Best Laid Plans
The Muse
The Best Man
House On The Haunted Hill

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