Hello, I was told to post here to see if there was any benafits in putting in new firmware in my laptop. I just got a Sony (vgn-a290) my e=drive is dvd rw- dw-d56a with(fw-pfs1) is this OK,or do I want to put in new FW.I will let you know now, that I have never done this and have posted in the newbee forum for help ,a member told me to ask here in the liteon fourm, I didn`t know that I had a liteon in my Sony, but thanks for all the help and info, and instructions or what ever you give me…
Thanks, Andy :clap:

i don’t know if you want to update the firmware, but you can download this package if you want to: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/dvdrw_slimtype/stock/Sony.D56A.PFS1-PFS2-PFS3.stock.rar

you’ll find the file Sony.D56A.PFS3.stock.exe in it, which is the newest firmware for your drive. unpack and start this file. then click on update and wait till the process is finished.
that’s all.

if you have problems: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/oc.html

Thanks, i`ll check it out and let you know. I will wate and see if there is any benefets in updateing to the pfs3…