Update Windows drivers without complete SP2?

Sorry if this has been addressed before, did a search but got nothing.

Is it possible to update WindowsXP SP1 drivers without the entire SP2 package?
I like SP1, my PC is 100% standalone–not connected to the internet or network ever. So I don’t think I need all the security and privacy overhead included in SP2. I just want the updated drivers(the essential ones).
Has anybody created a utility for doing this?
That is a utility which only updates all the Windows drivers without any of the security and privacy crap(excuse my language.)

I think that if you connect to windows update and choose custom or admin or network version, sorry I forget which, you can choose which downloads you want to do.

The only problem will be if SP2 is a pre-requisit of the downloads then you will need to have it.

im confused about what you plan to accomplish. the only thing that may be updated is direct x, and thats hardly essential. drivers are for hardware…

@ckin2001 :cool:
I believe SP2 updates many drivers such as “atapi.sys”, “cdrom.sys”, etc. from the SP1 versions. Perhaps I am wrong, but I thought one of the reasons for SP2 was to update all the hardware drivers, in addition to increasing safety(trying to eliminate vulnerabilities from hackers, virus’, etc.) My point is that my computer is not vulnerable to these safety threats(being a standalone). So I simply want to update all the hardware drivers without the firewall, IE changes, etc.
I have updated to SP2 previously and was unhappy with the results :frowning: , so I completely uninstalled it, reformatted the system partition and reinstalled SP1.
Having used SP2 previously I am fairly certain the hardware drivers were all updated.
Unfortunately, the additional “enhancements” of SP2(not related to hardware drivers) seem to have unfortunate side effects to other software on the system.
This is my reasoning. If I am wrong, please let me know. :wink:

Try Driver Magician. It backs up your drivers, but has a function of searching for updated ones, too. Hopefully, it’ll do what you want.

If SP1 lets you use USB 2.0 and Large Hard Disk Drives, then just update the Drivers that you need…You Don’t need ALL of SP2…I’m on the Internet and have SP1 and the First part of SP2…Have Never done any Updates and Don’t Ever Wish to do so…
When will these Updates Ever End!!! Started with a 3Meg update and is now 300Mgb update…If you got AntiVirus + Firewall with a few progys to stop or delete Spyware/Addware you should be ok…NOWT gets into mine…My ROUTER Helps also…
Do what You think is Best…

I looked at some screenshots of Driver Magician, it would appear the device driver updates are done on-line. :doh:
My PC is a standalone, so I need to (1)download the files to my USB drive stick(at an internet cafe for instance) and (2)install them on my PC.
I am pretty sure I can handle (2) myself, if I can get (1). :rolleyes:
The best option would be a nice utility which has all the SP2 device driver updates with options to choose which drivers in SP2 to update(and excluding all the security & privacy updates). :stuck_out_tongue:
Any kind-hearted XP Master out there done something like that? :cool:

Here you can find a complete list of fixes and updates included in WinXP SP2. The leftmost number in the list is the knowledgbase article number for that particular update. If you click that, you will be taken to the Knowledgebase article, which will have a link to the DL page of the individual update (if available).

Updating an SP1 to SP2 install can sometimes cause issues, but doing a fresh install of SP2 can sometimes solve these issues. To do this, you need a legal Windows XP CD, the XP SP2 Service Pack, a blank CD-R, and a utility to sliplstream (add the SP2 Service pack) to the Windows XP CD iso.

I recommend autostreamer.

@Skith, Thanks

I have been through the MS “fix” page several times in the past 18 months and am aware of most of the other advice you provided though.

I downloaded Driver Magician and took it home to install on my PC. It looks like a right handy utility for certain PC setups. But it only updates non-MS drivers. The other service it offers is to back up any or all the drivers on the PC. I don’t need that.
Thanks anyway, it was worth a look.

Sorry Dr. Mag. didn’t cut it. I think you may try this:
Get hold of a sp2 cd from MSoft, put it in ur cd drive, then from Device Manager open each device driver, go to update driver, then point the browse for location to the cd. Maybe it works.
Otherwise, go to the website of each device manufacturer (or to the pc manuf.) and look there for newer drivers.

:slight_smile: Thanks petremure I tried that already, doesn’t seem to work for some reason.

Your MS Drivers that Loads by Default should Work Peerfectly for you…You don’t need to update them unless a Driver is giveing you a problem…

thanks MrScary
It seems to much trouble to update so I will stick to reliable SP1 drivers.

Unfortunately, October 10th, MS will stop providing updates for SP1 systems, I believe I have read. So even though I’m also happy with SP1, I’m likely to cave and go SP2 just to be sure I get the latest security updates.