Update Video Codecs



I have been using K-lite’s codec pack (which I installed about a year ago) and have 3 questions;

  1. How do I tell what version I’m using?

  2. Would be benficial to upgrade to a new version? and if yes,

  3. What version is the best/latest? (2.52 I think)


Oh oh - I’m going to ask 4 questions - very occassionally I can’t run one of the avi’s, so will the updated codecs allow me to view these (newer) movies?


You can use the K-Lite codec Pack, i recommend also the Gordian Knot Codec Pack




To answer your fourth question, it might help if the avi is in a later version of, say, divx than you have.

I always find a little program called GSpot will help with any strange AVI’s