Update Version (DVD neXt Copy)



  • Release Notes -
  • NEW neXt Techâ„¢
  • Some Minor Fixes in Software Usage
  • Improved Stability
  • Optimized Engines
  • Optimized Playback Structures
  • Fixed RW bug
  • Improved Buffer Underrun
  • Added 18x burn support
  • Added 20x burn support
  • New Added Skin Options and DVD neXt COPY Skin Base (Website)
  • New Added 2 New FREE Skins (Flame and Metal)
  • New Added DVD neXt COPY Speed Adjuster Tool
  • New Added FREE Gift DVD neXt COPY Virtual Drive V1.0
  • Updated Dynamic Windows
  • Updated Language Resources
  • Updated Splash Screen Image V2.5.8.2
  • Updated Resources to V2.5.8.2

Here’s some flame screen shots.

Never heard of this program.
What does it do.
Is it FREE?
If not, how much?

Whoa…promo price of $69.99. :sad:


there is a ten dollar off coupon on the site good until april 1stI noticed when I purchased it.

I seen that, but I use the free stuff to do my backups. Good Luck with your purchase and may you have many successful rips and burns with it.

I like to "Re-author"
do you get it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! :iagree:

Thanks alan for editing the title. and here’s another skin you can use. the skins are free. More free skins to come. :smiley:

Great stuff DR. Who, this looks very good. I am trying it as I type. I will be back with my analysis.:clap:

Sorry jamoskeag3 I over looked your post my apologies. This is the same as one click, clonedvd2 and so on, every software maker does things differently to differentiate from the competitors I’m sure you know. Give her a try and see as there is a free 3 day fully function trial. ( Still working on getting a longer trial ) I merely give support for this product and don’t actually work for them. There is a price of 69.00 but if paid for before April 1st then there is a 10.00 discount for new customers If you own anydvd then all is good there as I worked real hard with them to get this piped into the software to be able to use it if preferred. There is now 2 new skins and those are free and more skins to come. There also is a profile page embedded within the software to save as many as you wish. Preview can be turned on or off there is a new product VDrive ( no different than virtual clone drive ). Still getting them to implement some things that could make this better and suggestions are always welcome too. There is a custom mode, movie only mode so you can choose what you want to keep and have less compression used. You can also expand (full screen) during custom mode and preview every title so you can see and hear what is within that particular title and know if you want it or not. Again still similar to clonedvd2 and one click. I use allot of different backup software and try to see what can make DNC (as I call it) better. Almost every update they seem to put at least50% of all suggestions within the new update so far, Free updates as long as you own the product. If I missed something ask. Maybe alan1476 or kipper or even Womble can add more as they are familiar with this product as well.

neXt Techâ„¢
There are constant changes to DVD equipment, movies, formats, etc. That is why we designed DVD neXt COPY to be updated frequently to meet the challenges of keeping up with the neXt DVD technology as it is released. With neXt Techâ„¢, our software is constantly updated to work with the latest DVD burners and players and to identify and fix the neXt variations of bad sectors or DVD structures on the latest DVDs

We are very proud of how our tech team analyzes and overcomes the new problems as they are released and incorporates the new technology into the neXt version of our software. We are also proud of the amount of positive feedback we receive from happy customers. One week they cannot copy a new DVD. The next week, when they receive the automatic update notification built into our software and download the latest neXt Techâ„¢ version of our software, they can copy it.

As for anyone else feel free to ask questions and I’ll answer them to the best of my knowledge.

[U][B]Here[/B][/U] is the review Womble did for all the cdfreaks fans. :bow:

Can you disable the Guided Tour splash screen when you open the program?

I don’t think so, I couldn’t find a way, but could be a good suggestion. I’ll add that to the list.

The Speed Adjuster is a Drive spinning brake. This means it will reduce the spinning speed of the device. It can be used for people who make thousands of copies to increase the lifetime of their burners. It can also be used for people who sit at the pc while copying, to reduce the pyshical noise of their burner during the copy process “sssssssssssssssss” while the Drive is spinning.

Thought I would post this in case someone was curious what it is. This can be found in start >>>>>programs>>>>>>>dvdnextcopy2>>>>>>speed adjuster. This doesn’t auto start so you’ll need to click it to turn it on. Also if you need to reboot be sure this isn’t running in your task bar.