Update to pause during playback

After recently flashing my NEC 3520 drive, playback resulted in movies frequently pausing and playing again for the first few seconds until after the opening credits. Essentially they hang for a second or two then play, hang for a second or two then play and so on. This happens generally while the studio logo is displayed and opening credits are running. If there is any narration or music during opening credits, the audio skips. But when the main movie gets going, it plays fine.

I posted this on another thread but it seems to have died. It was thought that it could be a media thing and that maybe the Tayo Yudens I was using might be slightly defective.

Ok here’s an update. I made a copy of Boiler Room as a test this time with different media. I used a Verbatim DVD-R. It did the same pause thing as the Tayo Yuden’s at the beginning only worse. As before, after the opening credits it played ok. However, it played with no pausing at all on my laptop and desktop. Now I’m beginning to think that it could be the set top box. But then why would this happen just at the beginning and not throughout the entire disc?

I played back older Tayo Yuden discs I burned that had the previous firmware and they play flawlessly. I think I’ve ruled out media. The only thing that changed was the firmware.

A friend on mine burned a movie using the same exact burner but with an older firmware version. I want to see if it’s the firmware change that caused this.

Stay tuned. But in the meantime, any thoughts?