Update to LG Writer FAQ - 22nd May 2006

I have updated the LG writer FAQ.

Things that have been added :

  • model information on the H10A, H10N and H20L
  • information on Hitachi versions of LG writers
  • riplock firmware for 4165B and 4167B
  • flashing with Hitachi firmware
  • cross flashing H10A->H10N

Things that have been updated :

  • small update on the PSU issue with the 4167B
  • suggested firmware strategy swop for burning CMC MAG AM3 discs at 16x on the 4163B
  • updated question on issue of using LG writers in external casings
  • general update to parts of questions that now relate to the H10A/H10N

A few new questions were added.

In addition, one whole section (containing one or two questions) was inadvertently left out of the FAQ in the first version. I never realised this till a few weeks ago. This has since been added to the FAQ.

Corrections? Criticism? Suggestions? Feel free to post them here.

Only don’t post questions about problems with your LG writers here. Start new threads for those instead.