Update Problem Please Help!

Hi there I’m new to all this stuff but can say that DVDFab Gold is amazing thanks! My problem is that i get a message telling me that there is a newer version of my software available but when i go to download it my pc brings up a grey warning box which says something like ‘security warning your current security settings do not allow you to download this file’??? I’ve tried turning off both my firewall (windows) and my antivirus (avg) to no avail. any suggestions guys??? Many thanks. :frowning:

welcome alib2201. I can’t help you really but you should give more information about your system (e.g. XP Home, Pro or Vista) and specify more exact messages in appearing window. In this forum you find a lot people they want to help you. If you give correct (more) information, they can help you better anyway.
have a nice day

Thanks for that…i’m running XP Home SP2 and the message wording doesnt seem to be very specific to the problem sorry, i’ll try to update the post when i get home with the exact wording

Or a screen capture. Sure sounds like a firewall message. Try downloading manually from the links in the release announcement here in the forum.