Update Pioneer firmware

I’ve got a Pioneer 111d I bought retail. A couple of questions:

  1. Which firmware version is most recommended for the drive? It says 1.02 as of now. (I do not want to void the warrantee with 3rd party f/w right now, and I’m considering not using the very latest f/w cuz I understand w/ Pio you cannot step back.) I may try 1.19

  2. Can someone give clear instructions on how to update the firmware once I decide what version to use? I have not a clue how to do it. Is it just a matter of executing a downloaded file from Pioneer’s site?

BTW I did a test burn and noticed a few visual artifacts upon playback. That’s what reminded me of checking the firmware. 1.02 is what CD-DVD Speed calls the firmware.

I used Verbatim DVD-R 1-16X @12X for the burn.

Visual artifacts is not from the drive firmware. It would depend on many things such as what software did you use to convert your dvd movie and what burning software did you use to burn the Verbatim DVD-R disc. For instance when using dvdshrink if your video compression is under 60%, you could have pixelation and artifacts. Some believe anything under 80% will result with poor video quality. I use DVD Rebuilder Pro for most of my dvd backups. The video quality blows dvdshrink away! :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as I know to use the official Pioneer firmware just double click on the exe file from the Pioneer website then follow the prompts. You could flash the drive in safe mode. Once you flash to the latest official Pioneer firmware you cannot go back to a older firmware. :slight_smile:

Use the DB FW. They don’t check if an official FW has a minor modification on it. In my experience. Use the 1.06 and then the 1.23 for the A11 upgrade. Very nice drive BTW.


If that’s true I’m disappointed. I used DVDD and Shrink, looks like a good rip. I’m going to try and update the firmware now and see how it does. I’ll stick w/ manufacturer for now. Maybe it could not handle 16X discs without the update?

What’s the easiest way to check a disc for quality after a burn?

To check a disc for quality download CD/DVD SPEED version 4.51.1 from this website:

Software like CINEMA CRAFT ENCODER and TMPGE PLUS encodes video while dvdshrink only transcodes which can result in lower video quality. Which is why I use DVD REBUILDER PRO for most of my dvd backups. There is a choice of video encoders that you can use with DVD REBUILDER PRO such as CINEMA CRAFT ENCODER & CANOPUS PROCODER. :wink:

Yes, good drive…

I may try some of that stuff, however the rip I’m burning from appears perfect upon playback from HDD.

Can I just use CD-DVD Speed that comes with Nero 6.6 to quality check? That’s what I’m doing.

The RIP IS GOOD, and there is no compression. I’m using “Ace Ventura” (DVD5) as a test, and it’s in new condition.

I updated to 1.19 and burned again at 12X on Verbatim DVD-R MCC 03RG20.

I again got artifacts upon playback in my Panna stand alone, and a quality score of 93 from Nero (Norwood micro OEM BenQ Gfirmware scanning.) Movie also sometimes froze upon playback in PC where the artifacts were, but did seem to playback a little better on the PC using the BenQ.

Reburned the same rip at 4X score=99, no artifacts that I could see.

I could take it back to BB until Aug 5th, but I’m not ready to give up on the drive yet. Just a little surprised at the problems at 12X using quality media. Maybe it’s the firmware?

! Should I flash up to 1.23 (flashing was a breeze BTW) and see if it will burn better at higher speeds?

! Do you guys think the drive is behaving as it should?

DMA is on, drive is master from cable selelct, 80pin ide. Ripping with DVDDecryptor. Burning w/ Nero 6.6 after DVD shrink.

PC: Gateway AMD 64X2 3800 2G RAM

You need to use CD/DVD SPEED if you are going to do quality scans. Don’t use the one that comes with NERO BURN. Also when doing the quality scans you have to use 8X not 4x. Rescan it and see what kind of results you’ll get. Another thing is the VERBATIM DVD-R media could be defective spindle. Try burning DVD+R VERBATIM or TAIYO YUDEN. Returning the drive just because you’re getting low quality scans isn’t reason to return the drive to BEST BUY. What version of nero are you using? Is it 6.6.14?

If you’re ripping a DVD5 which is a single layer disc just read in ISO MODE then WRITE in ISO MODE by using DVD DECRYPTER. Or you can just rip to ISO MODE then write in ISO mode with IMGBURN. Both DECRYPTER & IMGBURN are the same author. There’s no need to use NERO BURN for ISO image.

What do you guys recommend for the newer protected D9 DVDs which can’t be handled by DVD Decrypter?

So far, DVDFab Decrypter works fine for such DVDs but it outputs in file mode only and I am not sure if it preserves the layer break at all, no mds file is produced either.

You can generate the LB info using imgburn.

Install pgcedit, then the PSL2 plugin, fixvts, vobblanker, and DVD Decrypter. Allow psl2 to start auto when pcgcedit does when installing the psl2 plugin.

Insert the disc.

Start pgc edit and carefully follow the prompts from the psl2 wizard. Make sure DVDD is not running before you start.

A new program called ripit4me may automate this process, but I have not yet tried it.

DVDFab will not always work for the new encryption.

OK, I’ll get version of CD/DVD SPEED you’re recomending and scan at 8X, and pick up some new quality media.

And yes it’s Nero 6.6.14.

Should I stick with firmware 1.19 for the moment? Reason I’m so cautious on that is cuz you can’t step back of course.

did you try AnyDVD?


have you tried a different media?

i have an el-cheapo panasonic at home from costco (one of those VHS/DVD player combos) and it played all my burned DVDs fine. i’m using DVD+Rs with [B]bitsetting to DVD-ROM[/B], whether they were taiyo yuden (YUDEN000-T02), verbatims (MCC004), TDK (CMC-MAG-E01), or some crappy memorex that have all kinds of MIDs…


oh, i forgot to mention my burners:

  • pioneer DVR-111D @ 111L flashed with TDB fw 8.26 and rip-locked removed with MSCE (awesome drive!)
  • liteon 165H6S (orig. HS0D, but will flash to HV96 soon)
  • benq 1640 (fw BSBP rpc1; awesome drive!)
  • 1650 (fw BCDC rpc1; crappy drive!)
  • nec 3520 (fw 1.U5?)
  • nec 2510 (fw unknown; i barely use this drive anymore)

hope this helps.