Update on the plextor rumours

I just posted the article Update on the plextor rumours….

JimKiler and Plextorian both used our newssubmit to tell us about this article at CDR-labs:

A few days ago I reported about some plextor rumours. For example I said a new drive will come with…

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To right! when you pay 100’s of £ or $ for electronic goods you should receive more than a years warranty.

Well, I don’t know about Europe, but here in the US, most credit card companies like Amex, Visa, and Mastercard offer extended warranties. They will double a manufactures warranty up to 1 additional year if you buy the product with their card.

About that European Union “law” : does this mean that EVERY peripheral manufacturer must provide a two year warranty as of January 1 of 2002 ? That would make me :slight_smile:

hmmm; If I bought it online in Europe and had it shipped to Canada, would that count for the 2 year warranty?:9

sorry dude its not an international warranty. still least you get to live somewhere nice as compensation

Well, aren’t we Dutch lucky again… But remember the lawsuit by The Dutch Consumers Federation (De Consumentenbond). As a consumer you can expect an electronic device to last without faillure for about 5 years. You can claim defects even though it doesn’t say so on your warranty. I did it several times and never had to pay a cent… :d

yes every eu company must provide a warranty of 2 years for their electronic devices. greetz -=[DC]=-ViRuZ