Update on previous post, audio burning problems


I’m having problems burning audio CD’s using Nero Express OEM (coasters). Everything was OK for a while but for the past 3 weeks I’ve only been having problems (after installing and uninstalling various audio and video players and kept VLC, this proggie plays anything you throw at it) The last few CD’s I burned, I used complete albums (in MP3 format) ripped at the same constant bitrate (160). Problem is that when I try them in my home system, I get a “no disk” error on the display and if I press play, the sound comes out quite distorted. I thought that installing an ASPI layer would help so I installed Adaptec’s layer (V. 4.60) with no change. Funny thing though, these “coasters” play without distortion on my computer’s CD drive (with errors but still…). Could it be something that interferes with Nero’s “lead-in and lead-out” routine? . I read on one of the posts that when you have a lot of codecs installed, they may conflict with one another. I downloaded “DxManager” and it lists a bunch of codecs. Should I delete all of them (using DxMan) and use one of the codec packs to replace them? If so, which one would you recommend?

I’m running WinXP with SP2 and BTW, I unintalled and reinstalled Nero and the problem persists.


Update: I uninstalled Nero again and burned a CD using Burrrn (freeware audio burner), loaded it on my CD player and it took several seconds to find the tracks and the sound quality was still lousy. I then reloaded Nero, made a disk copy of a store-bought CD and it that also played bad. Mind you, if I use Nero to burn data (programs, jpg’s, etc.) on a disk, everything is fine… Dunno what to do any more. Would disabling XP’s built-in burning feature help?

Update 2: As a troubleshooting method, is it still a good idea to remove all of my codecs (manually or using XpManager) and start from fresh? As I mentioned before, everyhing was OK for a while then it all went to hell in a basket. I even thought that my burner was faulty so I echaged it (still under warranty) and this didn’t fix anything.

Almost makes me want to reformat my HD and install XP but without SP2, seems that SP2 causes a lot of problems which I never had before. BTW, can XP’s built-in burning application interfere with others? Also, when I ran GSpot, it showed DivX problems (video rendering). I downloaded the latest version of DivX, installed it and GSpot doesn’t seem to know it’s there, it still tells me that I should install DivX 5…

Update 3: I used Nero to burn an AVI movie on a CDR-W and it plays just as good as if I was reading it from my hard drive (using vLC). So, I assume that my problem is only with burning audio CD’s from MP3’s…

Any ideas?

Nero has some nasty bugs, one “featured” in all later current versions were a buggored mp3.dll which crapped up all audio stuff. :frowning:

burrrrn should work fine, or try with feurio.

If that won’t work, the source might be crappy.

Yeah, I read and heard all kinds of bad issues about Nero, think I will give Feurio or something else a try. Still think it would be a good idea to remove all of my codecs and replace them with the newer versions as I need them?

Thanks for the swift reply,

In less you are geting some conflick,leave the codecs installed.