Well I returned the MD16XDVD9-EXT since the enclosure fan died. I ordered a ND3520-blk Tuesday at 4:30 pm PST from ZIPZOOMFLY for $79.00 and some change. Every other place that had them were out of stock and Newegg didn’t even carry it yet. I got FREE 2nd day FEDX delivery and ZZF emailed me the next day after I ordered it to tell me that the drive had been shipped and give me the tracking number. FEDX arrived at 1:00PM Friday. The drive works great. I ran some tests and the cheap 8X FUJIFILM -R’s (Prodisc F01)that the Maddog and my Optorite 4X would not write are now writeable at 8x. My son gave me "The Day After Tomorrow DVD for christmas so I decided to test the rip speed. Using clone DVD2 it ripped the movie (123min) (Full 4.3Gig)in 37 min. I ran it again after a full reboot to flush the memory and it took 35 min. I then flashed it with Liggy & Dee’s modified 3520 firmware and ran it . It took 22min. (Thank You Liggy & Dee). My best run was 18 min and the worst was 23 min. These tests were done with a usb 2.0 enclosure that I have which is made by the same company that MADDOG uses for their enclosures. I removed the drive and plugged it in to the ide cable where my optorite was and ran the same tests. Suprise, Both tests that I ran on the IDE chain came up 26mins. Now why would it take longer on the IDE than the USB??. YES…I have already checked to make sure that the DMA is on and motherboard reports the same settings as the drive PIO-4 DMA-2. It shows up properly in the hardware section in WinXP Pro. Anyway I going to flash back to the stock firmware and retest it on the IDE chain. Its the only test I didn’t have a compareable run for. Looks like this drive is about the same speedwise as the ND3500a except for its ability to burn cheaper disks.

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[M/B/MSI 865Neo2-PS v2.0]----[CPU/P-4 2.6@2.86]----[Memory/1Gig 400ddrII]----[Videocard/Radeon9800Pro]----[Harddrives/2 Maxtor 120gig SATA drives…no RAID…1 Maxtor IDE 200GIG] —[CD/DVD/Lite-on cd burner—Nec3520DVD burner

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At what speed did you burn PRODISC media? Can you come up with a scan… :wink:

What´s the max transfer speed your enclosure can handle? :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, you better change the title. This is NOT a update on NEC 3520!

Im outraged, I come in this thread looking for an update on 3520 (my drive) and this is all I get :a

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:iagree: Good little tests you ran, seeing your increase in ripping time im glad I went with the liggy’s and dee’s firmware… BTW, has anyone noticed any change in noise during playback? cause I havent seen any difference, still completely silent during playback.

From 3520 1.04:
[ProdiscF01 ] -> 2x 4x 6x 8x
From 3500 2.18:
[ProdiscF01 ] -> 2x 4x 6x 8x

Both drives can burn ProdiscF01 @ 8x

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Here is a quick read test on my 3520 drive (LD 1.24 Beta1 firmware). I used a Fuji YUDEN00T02 which was burned on a NEC-3500 (latest LD beta firmware).

In the last seconds the reading speed came down from 15,4x to 14,4x as shown in the picture. No problems overhere :slight_smile:

Sorry Dee I forgot about the caps thing. I reside in the USA and have never seen that on any forum I have been on. Is that a euro thing??. Well anyway I hope everyone had a good holiday


Ps: I have some snapshots of nero cdspeed and DVDInfoPro that I need some to tell me whats going on with this 3520 drive. One is a snapshot of DVDInfoPro with your fast 3520 installed. It shows the atapi as 50 and cannot decide what type of interface connection it has. Where should I put these snapshots??

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