Update on BD+?

I haven’t seen a post mentioning BD+ in a little while, I was wondering if there is an update on when the software is expected to support it?

I just picked up a 2-year license to the BluRay software in hopes that it will be taken care of soon.

I loooooove the Bluray compression along with the removal of the HD audio. As soon as it offers the option to transcode DTS to AC3 (I use a WDTV that doesnt do DTS) and offers BD+ support, it will be perfect!

I’ve been using the DVD to mobile feature for a couple years and I can’t believe how fast it is. 16 minutes from DVD to Divx is just amazing- thats almost as long as it takes me to simply copy that much from a DVD!

In short, keep up the good work!

Hi riles and welcome to the forum. :flower:

Fengtao was kind enough to contact me recently regarding BD+ support.

There have been additional unforseen delays but they’re working flat out on this.

Unfortunately there’s no precise timeframe but Fengtao thinks they’ll have it ready ‘very soon’.


Thank you for that update Wombler :flower:

[QUOTE=touchdown_1;2457555]Thank you for that update Wombler :flower:[/QUOTE]

You’re more than welcome. :slight_smile:

I always try and take the time to pass on relevant information where possible.