Update NEC 4570 to 4571 (LabelFlash)?


I read on Liggy and Dee homepage that Nec 4570 and Nec 4571 have same hardware : only firmeware does the difference.
I want to test labelflash functionnality on my NEC 4570 : only supported by Nec 4571.

I test to convert the drive ID with Nec drive converter and flash a NEC 4571 firmware but it doesn’t work : BinFlash (wingui) says “firmware doesn’t correspond to model”. Binflash in DOS command line does a error and does nothing.

Is it possible to do what I try to do ? I need a specific 4570 firmware to do that ? Or does exists a 4570 firmware that support labelflash functionnality ?

Thanks for answers :slight_smile:

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