*Update* More screencaps, opinion?

I took everyone’s advice and used a software player on my PC to capture some images from a DVD I ripped. I used Nero Recode to ‘transcode’ these DVD’s from a DVD-9 format to a DVD-R each. So, each of the movies is on its own single DVD-R. I just omitted some of the features and audio options. I am just curious if these look like other people’s results or if I should try and do better with some different software/techniques. These pictures are bitmaps so they aren’t as compressed as jpg’s would have been, but, they are rather large.


I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s damn hard for me to see anything on pics that small in resolution.

Regardless, the only sure answer is that the best method is the one you think looks best. Some people are really bothered by macro blocking, others get easily annoyed by edge artifacts.

If you want to experiment, I recomend DVDshrink (entirely free) and DVD-Rebuilder (which can be free depending on what encoder you use). Both are one click solutions.