*Update* Microsoft 32 bit Vista will not support HD movie playback

I just posted the article Update Microsoft 32 bit Vista will not support HD movie playback.

 In another blow to the consumer, not to mention  both blue laser formats, Microsoft's Senior Program Manager, Steve Riley, let it  slip during a Microsoft Vista presentation, that...
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Ask me if I care. Vista offers little to the consumer other than a chance to spend money on new hardware and line the pockets of OEMs. Third party utilities for XP will fill the gap and MS can’t do squat about that. Also, and this is the most telling issue, neither blu-ray nor hd are going anywhere in the marketplace and likely never will regardless of the hype surrounding them. DVD is solidly entrenched and the consumer (except for the few twits who adopt new stuff at the drop of a hat because they just HAVE to get it and won’t be ableto achieve an erection unless they do) are too savvy to bet on TWO potentially losing propositions when there is a viable mainstream offering already in place. The majors will continue to support their bread and butter for the foreseeable future because they’re not stupid (well, not THAT stupid). Consumers learned with CD and DVD - they’re not likely to be conned again into a new format at short notice.
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I have the mobo/cpu for 64-bit windows but when I installed it some of my hardware is incompatible. Seems some of my favorite programs as well didn’t run as smooth. With Vista’s release hopefully they iron out the kinks, but it sucks for those with 32-bit systems.

“The media companies asked us to do this and said they don’t want any of their high definition content to play in x32 at all” 1. If thats the case then they can stick their “content” up their behind. :B “because of all of the unsigned malware that runs in kernel mode can get around content protection” 2. Its like spending half an hour cleaning and polishing shoes only to get out and pee against the wind. What admireable faith they have in their own copy protection… :d 3. I dunno what size my monitor should be to really notice the difference. Even on the best mastered DVDs all I can see is compression artifacts, not pixellation. So, I think I couldnt be bothered less. Cheers

And who use WMP ?. :slight_smile: I’ll install PowerDVD or likewise to play my Blu-Ray movies when time comes.

Like most Vista apps. It will be hacked. Not that I support that practice. Reality is reality.

What the crap? I personally think this is just to further prevent piracy (not that it will have any effect though) and to increase their bottom line. F*ck M$!

so funny i sit here with my 32 bit system and do everything i want oh and as for craop ray and highly doomed dvd they can sit on the shelf forever i am still happy with dvd over vhs so there :g

I hope this means more people will use Linux as a result of Microsoft’s arogance. I personally think the idea of the Vista OS is intriguing, but the practical application is a mess. Do I really want my OS to block a copy I make of a movie that I own?? They’re practically begging consumers to download copies of hacked movies, even if they own the original. The ONLY reason why PC is the dominant format is because traditionally, PC is an open system that allows any company (software or hardware) to offer products for it. If they’re going to try to block certain software providers, then why not just buy a MAC? The MAC is better, more user-friendly, but more restrictive. Take away the restrictions, and the MAC is just better. I’m hoping that nobody buys either Blu-Ray/HD-DVD or Vista. Microsoft needs to be taught a lesson of humility. Seems like with every new OS, MS adds a few more restrictions every time. With XP, I have to validate my copy like every month. And I also can’t use XP on more than one system, even if I buy a new one and don’t use the old one. For God sakes Microsoft, stop trying to be Sony!!!

“I hope this means more people will use Linux as a result of Microsoft’s arogance.” Not even a snowball’s chance in hell. Linux is NOT a consumer OS nor will it ever be - period. As far as ease of configurability, maturity of applications and multimedia capabilities go, it’s back in the 1800s when compared to Windows. it will also remain there because money does not drive that OS on the desktop.

Quite a stupid comment. Linux is constantly getting more GUI based by the week to the point where someone with no Unix knowledge can pick up a Linux CD and install it and have an up and running OS with a GUI that they can use and navigate around with no problems. Just pick up an Ubuntu CD if you dont believe me. Also, the fact that Mac is now based on a Unix underbelly proves just how close it is to being able to be mainstream. Mac took it’s core and gave it a pretty GUI and hey presto, it’s suddenly considered super friendly OS.