Just to update you guys on my Kodak experence.

I ended writing a letter of concern to Kodak in Canada. They referred me to the correct division in Rochester New York. I called and spoke to a nice lady who apologized to me for my bad experience with Kodak media. She sent a ticket to the company here in Canada (happens to be up the street from my work) who distributes the media in Ontario.

Well less the an hour later I get a phone call from another nice lady who takes some info from my and a copy of my bill. She tells me she will leave 100 new DVD waiting for me that will be 8x. So later that day I go and pick up the media and guess what ? they are the wrong ones. So the lady who helped me had left for the day and the other people had to call her.

She apologized for the inconvenience and offered 50 extra for the trouble and she would call me when they are ready. 3 days later I get the call to pick them up. So i do so and I get home and the darn disk are SKO LTD and 4x media!!!

Next day I call and once again she apologized to me and explained they appear to have a problem with the shipment they got. So do to all the problems they offered me my money back for the full amount I paid and I got to keep 250 DVD-R 100 MAM 150 SKO LTD. not the best media, but it works … more or less… to be honest the SKO LTD seemed to work ok.


Well, at least they are trying to do the right thing! Good on ya for persisting. I’m sure they are getting a ton of returns from Future Shop etc.!