*Update* KaZaA Lite Plus 1.0 with Gnutella and free spyware scanner



Do not, I repeat, do not install it. It is loaded with spyware. I has a misfortune of deciding to try the new version and ad-aware detected 42 new pieces of garbage on my PC. Use KazaaLite Plus instead …


I just posted the article Update KaZaA Lite Plus 1.0 with Gnutella and free spyware scanner.

 Spitfire_x86 used our    news submit  to tell us  that not only has KaZaAA Lite  come out with a new version, for a limited time, they offer a spyware  scanner and Pop up stopper for free. This...
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Yea, DO NOT install this shit. It installs sooo much crap on your computer. The spyware and adware remover doesn’t even work. You have to pay $30 to register it. After I installed the whole package, Zone Alarm keeps on asking me if I will give access to like 10 programs. The new P2P program is terrible anyway. STAY AWAY FROM THIS


Also, all the garbage this program installs on the computer is not removed when you uninstall Kazaa Lite Plus. You have to manually take it all off and then run your adware program.


Thanks guys for the heads up. I didn’t know this was such a horrible piece of crap. I am sure Spitfire_x86 didn’t either it looked like it was OK to me.
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It’s OK Dan Ive Posted a bad program too.It Happens. :B


Thank you for understanding! :B


So which is the version of Kazaa that isnt loaded with as much shit as the streets of the middle east?


If you wanna use Kazaa Lite++ - it’s version 2.4.1 (latest). No spyware, no shit whatsoever…


even the name ‘ZaZZer’ sounds like a worm to me :stuck_out_tongue:


You can download the TRUE spyware free Kazaa Lite K++ at http://www.techtv.com/screensavers/answerstips/story/0,24330,3464142,00.html


Too much weirdness surrounding these guys and their “products”. Now they have a VoIP toy - I wonder how long it will be before that infects users with malware. No way would I touch any of their junk, lite or not. Confidence in them is NOT an option.


The “source code” offered on that site is pretty much identical to the source tree of the SourceForge project “KCeasy”, except most instances of “KCeasy” have been replaced with “Kazaa” and all of Markus Kern’s (KCeasy’s project maintainer) copyright notices have been stripped. --I’m not well versed in the GNU GPL but I’m pretty sure this is a no-no. Although I have not tried either program, if you wanted to try out this “KaZaA Lite Plus”, just go get KCeasy from http://www.kceasy.com/ and you’ll probably be getting the same thing --except without the con job I’d assume. All these sites: kazaaliteplus.net - “KaZaA Lite Plus” kazaalite.tv - Where KaZaa Lite K++ supposedly “can be found at” filesharingforum.net - Very lame forum site zazzer.com - … are registered by this same “zazzer.com” scum. (Who btw uses a yahoo.com email address --very unprofessional if for a legit company and should start ringing warning bells straight away.) It’s beyond me what tricking people into downloading a few spyware is going to profit this person/company. Ironically, I didn’t know what the difference between all these KaZaA Lite variants were before I came across that dodgy site featured in this article. (I’ve never used KaZaA.) Now I know only “KaZaA” and “KaZaA Lite K++ 2.43e” are legit and the rest are stupid scams. That’s negative publicity in action.


sorry dudes, I didn’t test the software before submitting. I did some basic experiment though, with ad-aware, updated with latest ref file My experiments tell:- the installs 7 spyware reg keys the installer itself doesn’t contain spyware apps, but it downloads them from web after copying files. if you have firewall installed, then it (installer) may ask you to access internet. If you let it pass through, then you’ll end up with only few spyware reg keys and removing them will be much easier. Anyway, the conclusion is: KaZaA Lite Plus 1.0 is another evil like KaZaA Media Desktop


typo correcetion: read: the installer installs 7 spyware reg keys read: If you don’t let it pass through, then you’ll end up with only few spyware reg keys and removing them will be much easier. instead of: the installs 7 spyware reg keys instead of: If you let it pass through, then you’ll end up with only few spyware reg keys and removing them will be much easier.


It’s about time all those individuals and companies behind spyware are treated exactly the same as virus creators - lock them up for life.


Kazaa lite Resurection is better,no Spyware ect,can be D-Loaded from here http://www3.telus.net/EHZ-LADDER/web/start.htm