Update from Shop4tech... BenQ1655 now in stock

For USA customers, I got an email from Shop4tech today stating that the 1655 oem and retail are now in stock. The website shows them in stock as well, thought some of you may want to know.

Retail: http://www.shop4tech.com/user.htm?go=view_item&id=4729&cata=3&s_cata=28

Oem: http://www.shop4tech.com/user.htm?go=view_item&id=4728&cata=3&s_cata=28

MM :slight_smile:

No green stripe on retail. What’s up with that? hrrrmmm

Thanx for the post

Yep, they changed the pics on their site from the green stripe yesterday to one without it today. I’ve been patiently waiting since I placed my order on Dec 13th.

BTW, there’s usually a 10% off coupon floating around, you may have to google it to find it.


I didn’t want to pay that much, but I didn’t think it would be so hard to find either. I just place an order for it. Oh yes, it will be mine!

anyone know if it does quality scanning?

Does the BenQ DW1655 support quality scanning?

Yes, absolutely. See this thread: Post your DW1650/DW1655 scans here…

Thankyouverymuch! Of course we want to know. One lucky drive is headed this way. :cool:

Didn’t get the email but I darn sure got one ordered on the 13th so I will soon be a happy camper. yippe

The strange part about it is that I emailed them this morning asking when the 1655’s were coming in since I ordered on the same day as you did, I got an email from them this afternoon stating that they wont have them in until mid January, about an hour after that I got the email (I signed up for in-stock notification on the burner) stating that they were in.

MM :slight_smile:

i’ve never ordered from them before. do they have warehouses all over the place or is it coming from CA for sure? I live in NY and I chose the free ground shipping. Think I made a mistake doing so.

I think they’re only located in Ca and ship out of CA only, I’ve ordered from them several times and every time its come out of CA. They usually ship pretty quick when the item is in stock. You could try to cancel and then re-order with expedited shipping if you like.

MM :slight_smile:

I might do that. Still thinking it over. It’s not so much the wait that’s bothering me. I just worry about the condition of my burner when it finally arrives after being banged around for 4500 miles.

Hmmm, if they are in CA and Newegg is in CA and Benq is in CA I wonder why
Newegg does not have the 1655

Yes, there is a currently a valid 10% off coupon code. Google for it. Total for me was $58.49 delivered (free ground shipping). I’m sure Newegg will have it listed much cheaper any minute now (now that I have placed my order).

They have a correct photo of the retail box on the website, so I’d give them the benefit of the doubt and go with the theory that says they have at least one on hand :slight_smile:

Now, if they don’t ship tonight’s orders by Tuesday…

The drives are shipped from China and Malaysia, and very few pass through the Irvine, CA office. After BenQ moved from City of Industry to Irvine last year, they don’t have much warehouse space, and Newegg is big enough to get their own shipments.

Argggg! I want that green stripe on the bezel !

Received the following email an hour ago:

Dear agent009,
Glad to inform you that we just get the stock of BenQ DW1655 LightScribe 16X DVD±RW Drive, 8X DL DVD Burner with Lightscribe, Retail Box . Software Included. (186-162-001) you pre-ordered last time.
Since it is the hot seller, please go to http://store.yahoo.com/meritline/benq-dw1655-lightscribe-16x-dvd-burner.html to place the order as soon as possible.

[Interesting timing.]

only $5 different between the OEM and retail, hmmm, how are they gonna sell the OEM unless they dont have enough supply for the retail version.

What’s in the retail box that I would want to spend $5 on? I have all of the burning software I could ever hope to use, and I am not very interested in one blank cdr disc.