Update for nforce 4 people

update as many of you have read I am / was complteley frustrated with nforce4
I have discovered that nforce 4 is very fussy about ram. I removed my corsair
twin x (2 512s) and put in 1 stick of pc 2100 single sided 256 mb I have laying around and guess what it ran prime 95 for well over an hour with no errors @ 65 degrees celcius though. It also copied and burnt cds with no problems and no errors(even on data verification). :bigsmile: So now I know it was the corsair ram is not agreeing with nforce 4 (or these 2 particular cosair sticks don’t agree) I don’t know which. I’ll be selling those twinx to a via chipset user and by some mushkin
xtreme :slight_smile:

What if not put them not in pairs? Like Slot 1 and 3.

Play with the voltage and timings. I bet you could get it stable if you tweaked the settings a little. See if you can find somebody else with your ram that has it running on your mobo. Maybe they have some settings that might work for you. I dunno, I’m sure it will run, it just needs some tweaking.

here is the latest . I fried my an8 ultra it runs but has some serious issues,the sys temp stays at 60 or above. So here is what I did went back to the trusty neo 4 ultra ,added 1 gig mushkin pc 3200 xtreme dual channel ram and a thermaltake big typhoon cooler.
this thing is now rock solid all the problems are gone. Seems that nforce boards are very fussy about 2 things power supplies and ram. I have read that nforce has problems with antec power supplies ( I had one on nforce 2 and had problems). the corsair ram probably went bad at some point because I had that ram in nforce 2 and nforce 3 but the systems did suffer random reboots.
thermaltake power units seem to agree with nforce and this mushkin I just received from zip zoom fly seems to love nforce 4. I can even burn cds and dvds with confidence now . the big typhoon is a huge tall 6 pipe heatpipe cooler
I was kinda skeptical at 1st but this thing is awesome under full load
ripping a dvd and two or three other programs running the temp never goes over 46 degrees celsius. :bow: thank god it finally all came together :bigsmile:

Well, it sounds like the heatsink on the northbridge (that thing under the heatsink on the mobo) has broken it’s thermal contact. I bet if you took that heatsink off, and CAREFULLY put some arctic silver on it, you could get that other mobo running again. I dunno though, it might have gotten toasted too. the nforce 4 boards have voltage options for the northbridge too don’t they??? If you cranked that up, it’s POSSIBLE that’s the cause for the 60c on the “system temp” (usually means northbridge’s internal thermal diode). If you wanted to play with that mobo and see if it’s still good, you COULD clear the CMOS, and apply some thermal goop to the north bridge chip. Then try your other ram with some extra voltage, and loosened timings. As long as you got a DECENT antec PSU, it would work FINE with the nforce 4 chipsets. I’ve seen a LOT of people using them, the only thing is you have to get a newer one with the SLI connector and the 24 pin ATX plug. Anyways, glad you have it working, but you have some pretty good spare parts setting there!!! You should put them to good use!! :iagree: