Update External USB

Is it possible to install firmware updates to a DVD burner (4160B) connected externally via USB 2.0. Ain’t no way to connect it up to the IDE on my laptop. I would like to update from A300 to A302.

D4 Dog :confused:

i update my nec2500 through an external enclosure and it works perfectly.

Is that using official updates? I would like to use the LG official update but it specifically says to connect to IDE and set as master.

I don’t have a 4160B but I have updated my 4040B via firewire in an external case twice with official firmware with no problems. YMMV


OK. Done some more research on this around a few forums and I get the impression that this drive cannot be done unless it is IDE connected, unlike previous models. This is a genuine 4160B drive not a hack!! You see, I might be a bit lame but I only want to install LG firmware updates. I don’t want the drive hacked or anything, so from A300 to A302 would be fine. Looks like I’m going to have to find a very kind person who will let me borrow their 2nd IDE for a short time.


Amazing what you can do with a few cans in you. Got the guts to give it a shot and it worked. I successfully upgraded firmware from A300 to A302. Still looks like no bitsetting capabilities in the upgrade…C’mon LGE. :iagree: :rolleyes:

I just read in this LG forum that some other people had problems using the same 4160B with an external case, like burning at 2X or less, or not burning at all. How did your drive performed with DVD burning?

I have an HP laptop with usb2.0 and planning to buy 4160B plus an external usb2.0/firewire external box.

Thanks ! :slight_smile: