Update deletes all NERO

OK guys, had not been to updates for awhile. Go and download all updates, but its says it must REMOVE all things for nero first…ok, but after it all downloaded and REMOVED all traces of nero during reboot, box comes up and says it cant find some SETUP.EXE.

Now, I have NO NERO at all and cant find this supposed download…all gone.

My original disc is in storage 100 miles from where I live. Is there a way to get Nero & Ultimate back…Can I contact nero somehow with my name etc. I wont have the serial num anywhere…

What kind of a**hat would do an upgrade this way, remove everything before…


Try to get your serial number now, before you do anything else. Look for a NeroHistory log to see if you have one anywhere. Maybe you saved an error log somewhere. If you don’t have one of those, check out the link below in case it is still in your registry.

If you can’t find it there, in Vista it is at the location below and might be in WinXP


If you can find it or have it somewhere, you can download an update.

Search your hard drive for anything that says Nero. Maybe you will find the download, but you will still need the serial number.

Also, it looks like SetupX is the ProductSetup. If you can get that to run, look under License. Did you update from the Product Setup to start with or what?

Have you tried to roll back to a previous set point. I´m not sure what this is called in English…do you know what I mean?

Just restore your system to the date before you tried these activities and that has your full information of your Nero7 program.