[UPDATE] coupon !160GB Ultra 8 MB cache HDD @ Staples 69.99!after rebate

with this new coupon this deal could be as low as 70.00 for the drive, some people particularly those enrolled in the business rewards program got a 30 off 150 one recently via email (not me though )

working 30 off 150 coupon code use it fast it won’t last !


Link to drive

OMFG, you have no freakin’ idea how hard it is for me to resist this deal.

WDJB 80GB/8MB = $89 shipped
Maxtor 160GB/8MB = $82 shipped

My knees are weak, don’t think I can hold out much longer…:eek:

$69.94, that is ! :bigsmile:

Originally posted by Stoner
My knees are weak, don’t think I can hold out much longer…

Just hold on a lil’ more, everything’s over soon.
SARS wouldn’t usually take long before you…bite the dust :bigsmile:

Damn you Bo, why’d you have to show me the $69.94? Now I’m in debt. Just ordered it. Man, talk about massive porn storage capacity.

Final price Update:

Maxtor 160GB/8MB = $83.05
WDJB 80GB/8MB = $$88.97

Originally posted by Stoner

Man, talk about massive porn storage capacity.

Yeah, kinda like …the last temptation :bigsmile:

i know you’ve posted a code but i need a real coupon-so i can take it to the staples and get $30.00 off.thanks

The $30 off code is on the first post. There are no actual coupons for $30 off. The offer is good online w/ free shipping and tax if applicable…

go into the staples store and use the kiosk to order if you want

i went there and would you believe that they don’t know about any kiosks? oh well will have to get it just like this.thanks for a quick reply.

Sorry deal is off now.

Just tried to use the coupon. Ended 6/9

Dam and I really wanted that deal.

Oh well.

Originally posted by cat_hat

Sorry deal is off now.

Dam and I really wanted that deal.

Don’t you worry ! I bet the better ones are yet to come.
Just try attending the Basement more regularily - it’s worth it ! :smiley:

The deal is still on if you goto this link and print it out.


Hope that helps

Well, I just tried to use this on-line and got that this coupon can only be used once.

Why can’t I use this coupon on-line but then in store?

I don’t want to waste a trip and get told at the store that I can’t use this too.

I just bought the Maxtor 120gb hard drive. The drive was 139.99-10 instant savings, then $30 coupon, then $50 rebate. That brings the total to 49.99. I wanted to get the 160gb hard drive but the rebate was for last week. 120gb will do for a while.