Update Anydvd now it's Expired

i’ve just updated anydvd and now it’s saying that it’s expired, i’ve also uninstalled it without keeping registration, reinstalled and tried my key again but it’s still saying expired.

has anybody else had this problem with this update?

btw, i’ve paid for it :iagree:

That hasn’t happened to me yet, but it’s possible your reg key was blacklisted for some reason. I recommend contacting Slysoft, because that’s the only way your issue will be resolved.

do you run Zone alarm 6+
if so enable higher trusted security level for all SS progs
you don’t need to allow internet acces unless you want to

zaq, cheers, that did the trick, i changed the trusted level to “trusted” and now my key works.

Thanks. :bow: i’m happy once again :slight_smile:

I wonder how it was ok before, with all the other updates :confused:

I’ve encountered the same problem. Contacted Slysoft and they asked for my regkey file. I’ve emailed it back to them and now they will check it out…
Awaiting news from SS on this.

I think due to major exe file change
Have a good T-day every one

I meant to quote you the first time around
1 too many 6 pack :bigsmile:

Read post Number 3.

SS also asked for my key, but i emailed them back with a link to this thread saying it’s now resolved.


like me sometimes, oh, just now is also that time