Update anydvd 2006 12 11

  • New: Added support for new versions of the SONY Arccos protection
    to the option to remove “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages


Sweet, thanks for the update.

All Right…I’ll be updating as soon as I get home.

Very vague indeed.
I do not support piracy and I do appreciate the updates.
But some of these anti-piracy measures are begining to affect legitimate subscribers adversely.

More like… 2006 12 11

  • New: Added support for new versions of the SONY Arccos protection
    to the option to remove “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages
    [B]- Changed versions because the hackers have cracked[/B]

Will this new version do [B]full[/B] dvd of Attack Force?

Why would anyone want to do that???

In order to know if the new protection method used on this movie has been effectively and fully cracked, so they dont use it on a movie that we would care more about.

I don’t think hackers could keep up to all the updates that Slysoft makes to AnyDVD. Besides, this update seems to address the sony copy protection issues that many users were facing.

I believe that any modification of AnyDVD will result in a non detection of the dvd drive error or a virus error which is in place to check the registration key’s validation.

So as always, hackers beware and users of such, beware also. I don’t think that Slysoft would jepordize valuable customers. We’re all registered, right? So we have nothing to worry about. Let’s just enjoy this great product and be patient when new issues arise.

Thanks again Slysoft.

Slysoft has my money. I guess they need new income to stay alive. I hope they can stop the hackers and tap new money. I guess new income is valuable and very important.

I’m paid, come out with a new version every day, for all I care. If your not, well, you have no say in this.

Just a side note, I once had a copy program that let you copy games, this was back in the floppy disk error. It would let you copy alot of games let me tell you, but one day I actually read the line at the bottom of the screen, and it said “Warning. Do not copy this program.” I about crapped my pants. How can a company that makes money backing up other program", not allow you to back itself up. Two sides of the coin.

The version was updated to handle Tallageda Nights

… and many other titles.

I don’t know… version is the version that started giving me the “No DVD Drive Detected” error… I almost wonder if new protections against hackers were put into that version and that’s what started the trouble… :stuck_out_tongue:

The truth is that there are hacks on the internet , usually patches that are mainly on Russian sites, these sometimes work for a short time. I believe Slysoft has introduced some kind of patch detection program that is leading to people who have paid having trouble with installing the program. People in the know dont use patches and get the program for free without the hassle you guys get who paid. I dont cos i cant watch a film twice because i find it boring but thought id fill you in on whats happening. Patching a program is old hat now , they have moved on.

And the titles are what?

Many of the problems that some legitimate owners of AnyDVD were experiencing with installing Registration Keys were related to Firewall and Windows Registry Security programs that the Member were using and not related to any Anti Piracy measures that are incorporated in the AnyDVD software program.


Yes hackers have moved on, but so has SlySoft. This new version proves it… But let’s not talk about that stuff, only post if you are having trouble, or need help with AnyDVD. Thanks.

I think that as long as slysoft is around there will be people who steal and or use cracks there are no ways around it i think. I wish there was a way to stop it so we could have slysoft stay around and help us who have paid for it get the updates for years to come… And saying that Thanks to slysoft and hope this new update stops the stealing…

Ok but it seems to me that Slysoft in there determination to stop people hacking the program are causing problems for paid members , im sure that it should not be a problem to discuss whats happening to any dvd , good or bad.Its a program that lets you hack the copyright of dvds , why dont you think that hacking any dvd is any different. Like to hear moral judment for this from you who say we dont talk about that stuff. :rolleyes:

I certainly agree you can discuss it all you want BUT If I had a problem I would contact slysoft customer support. Some people who do use cracks or whatever cannot contact slysoft for a cracked version not that I am accusing you or anybody either, but if you did have a legit problem the best way to get help is from slysoft… In my opinion.